We will do sheet metal processing like cutting, bending, and cone rolling for our customers.

We square measure certain of our type of physical science merchandise that comes in multiple color, form and size. we provide tailor-made merchandise to suit all of your desires. Your investment in reduction of noise levels are nominal therefore because the noise itself. Once you've got had an opportunity to go to this web site, contact New school Engineering Systems. Our engineers square measure trained to answer all of your question, construct an answer for your noise problems, and assist you comprehend the acceptable merchandise, quantities and installation guide lines

air-conditioning acoustic enclosure Industrial Cooling instrumentality provide and install air-con Acoustic Enclosures on air-conditioning enclosure installations. Acoustic enclosures area unit ideal for installations that area unit about to residential dwellings, wherever the noise and look of compression units will cause designing problems. ... Overcomes designing problems.

Looking for a manufacturer of acoustic enclosures for your air con unit? does one have a loud machine needing AN enclosure to dampen out unwanted noise? Or does one got to meet designing permission specifications? Then you've got return to the correct place! Our air conditioning acoustic enclosures, soundproof cupboards or boxes square measure each sturdy and weather-proof, and square measure the right resolution for each indoor and out of doors use in aquawaterjetcutting

  • Vibration free
  • Excellent finish
  • Long service life

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