Control panel is a cabinet which contains electrical components to control the motors and equipments.We are one of the most reliable name in electrical control panels manufacturers and suppliers, located in india. We offer various types of power & electrical control panels which include crane control panels, outdoor kiosk, motor control center, amf panel & distribution boards, etc. Electrical control panels that we produce are offered to our clients at the most competitive prices.

Electrical management panels square measure designed and wont to management mechanical instrumentation. every one is intended for a particular instrumentation arrangement associate degreed includes devices that permit an operator to regulate such that instrumentation. Electrical panel elements management every bit of kit in each business.

An electrical instrument panel may be a mechanism utilized in industries and organizations to expedite completely different processes through automation. These electrical management panels square measure custom-made for each organization supported their processes and needs.Benefits of Good Control System Design Increases “up time” Increases overall efficiency. Optimizes use of electrical power

Types of control panel
  • Power Panels
  • Power Distribution Panel
  • Railway Relay Panel
  • Switch Gear & Electrical Panel Accessories

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