The extra hard and tough steel for extreme wear

At a nominal hardness of Hardox 600 HBW, Hardox 600 has a uniquely high impact toughness.

Especially suited for extreme wear conditions, it can still be cut and welded, making it an excellent choice for high-performance applications.

The extra arduous and hard steel for extreme wear a nominal hardness of 600 HBW, Hardox® 600 includes a unambiguously high impact toughness. particularly fitted to extreme wear conditions, it will still be cut and welded, creating it a wonderful alternative for superior.

Hardox 600 Advantages are High wear resistance, Machinable,Easy access to steel plate,Uniform properties, Weldable

Wear plates square measure ranked in keeping with abrasion resistance (AR), with plates that have associate degree AR score of four hundred or 450 being additional prone to wear than plates with the next grading. If your plates square measure subject to slippery wear from terribly arduous abrasives, you’ll fancy a way longer wear life from Hardox 600 wear plates than from plates with a lesser grading.

Hardox 600 is a Q&T martensitic wear plate for applications that demand high resistance to abrasion and wear. Delivering a hardness of 600 Brinell, it offers a unique combination of weldability, hardness and toughness. It brings a level of user-friendliness not found in many other steels designed for high wear resistance and eliminates the need to sacrifice wear resistance to enhance impact strength.

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