CNC Shearing and Bending

With the support of our gifted architects, we have the capacity to offer a subjective scope of Shearing Machine to our customers over the world. We utilize ideal quality material to create these machines, with the help of in fact propelled devices and gear. Pander to the assorted needs of different commercial ventures, these machines are accessible at most efficient costs.

CNC bending is one of the process of sheet metal is twisted to an edge utilizing, commonly a V formed punch and bite the dust. The sheet is set between the punch and die which presses down on the sheet. This technique for bending gives an ease system to item 3D shapes from 2D sheets. CNC bending is a suitable for transforming most bendable metals and basically for sheet metal outlines with one or more twists. Simply a couple of cases of are sections, walled in areas, cams, frame, and so forth. There is by and large no unique tooling needed, except for unpredictable plans and uncommon twists.

Our cnc bending machines can bend various materials like metal wires, sheet metals, and many more parts. These machines are well known for its features like time control, programmable speed control, direct angle programming, angle correction etc. These CNC shearing and CNC bending services reduce the need for welds and fittings. We offer these CNC shearing and bending services based on the requirements of our customers and in affordable prices.
  • The accuracy of the machine is on the shearing length is about +/-0.5mm.
  • Bending and shearing of the material of different thicknesses immediately without
  • burr.
  • High quality finish.