About Us



4 Years of Experience in R&d and D&D more than a decade of experience in sheet metal processing.

About Us

Our Achievements and Strengths

Qualified and experienced work men with ESI & PF facilities.

Talented engineers and supervisors.

Pre and post inspection of goods.

Well maintained machines providing quality job

Good infrastructure

Maintaining prompt commitments

Practices ISO processes and safety processes

CNC Water jet Cutting Services

Our Team

Talented Engineers and supervisors qualified and experienced designers and programmers.

Highly skilled production team.Very good supply chain management prompt commitments.

Practices ISO and safety processes .

Pre and post Inspection team.

Well maintained machines to achieve higher quality.

CNC Water jet Cutting Services

Our Vision & Mission







 Focus on customer First

Our Services

We Specialize In

Profile Cutting Machines

– 3100x2000mmx150mm- CNC Waterjet Profile cutting machine

– 3100x1500mmx20mm-CNC profile plasma cutting machine

Folding Machines

– 3755 x 8mm CNC Press brake

– 3175 x 5mm hydraulic swing beam type folding machine

-2500 x 3mm hydraulic swing beam type folding machine 

Shearing Machines

– 2500x3mm imported mechanical shearing machine

– 3100x6mm NC hydraulic shearing machine

– 3100x8mm NC hydraulic shearing machine 

Rolling Machines

– 2500 x 20 mm Rolling machine with pre-pinch facility

– 1250x2mm Rolling machine

Basic Machineries

– TIG and MIG welding

– Pipe and angle cutting machine & Manual plasma cutting machine

– All basic tools and instruments required for sheet metal processing & 30T blanking power press

Our Customer

Aerospace Industries
Defense Industries
Automotive Industries
Heavy Machines
Architectural Designs
Interior and Exterior Designs
Wear Plates Manufacturals 


3D CNC Waterjet Cutting
CNC Waterjet Cutting
CNC Plasma Cutting
CNC Laer Cutting
HYD Shearing M/C
HYD Bending M/C
Rolling Machine
Cone Rolling M/C
Drilling M/C
Welding Machine


Facilities in our sister concern: 

– Amada CNC turret punching with 58 stations

– Amada CNC laser cutting- 4 KW 

Facilities through regular contract tie up basis:

– Powder coating with 20ft x 10 ft oven