3D Waterjet Cutting

Services is suitable for a wide range of materials. No deformation, discoloration, and change of base material structure and basic material is used optimally, no rework.

CNC Water jet cutting

services, Cut complex shapes with a single operation, including welding edges.

How does waterjet cutting work?

Water jet cutting

is another subtractive manufacturing technique but it uses pressurized water-focused in a very small point to cut the material. The pressure can be as high as 60000 pounds per square inch (4137 bar). The water can be mixed with an abrasive such as garnet, which increases its cutting possibilities (more materials, closer tolerances).

What kind of material and what material thickness can each technique cut?

High-pressure water jet cutting machine is widely used in cutting composite materials, rubber, granite, marble, leather, nylon, glass, cloth, tile, food, wood, metal, low melting point, inflammable and explosive materials, such as paper, ammunition, etc. Waterjet cutting advantage: Water cutter belongs to cold cutting equipment, environmental protection, and no thermal impact, smooth cutting edge.

Cutting Accuracy and Cutting Speed Control of Waterjet Cutting
The waterjet is machined by using ultra-high pressure technology. The waterjet can be used to cut soft-based materials by pressurizing ordinary tap water to 250-400 Mpa pressure, and then spraying it out through a gem nozzle with an inner hole diameter of 0.15-0.35 mm.
What Materials Can Waterjet Cut
Our systems use high-pressure streams of water – sometimes combined with abrasives – to cut through most types of materials. Waterjet cutting can be used in forming machine parts especially those that require delicate and detailed precision and that may be prone to damage from the high temperatures of conventional cutting and shaping methods.
How Do High-Pressure Waterjet Work?
Water jet cutting involves generating high pressures to force water through an orifice into a narrow, intense beam that can cut through a variety of materials. The nozzle, or orifice, typically used is made from a very hard mineral such as sapphire. However, more waterjets are using diamond as the orifice material to obtain better life and stream quality.

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