Acoustic Enclosures In Coimbatore,

Unless you live far from high traffic and big city life, the thought of sound barrier walls may not cross your mind. Outdoor acoustic panels provide a variety of benefits for workers, residents, travelers, and local wildlife. Many municipalities and government bodies across the globe enact regulations and ordinances limiting the level of noise in their communities. Whether sound levels above 85 decibels come from a busy roadway, commercial HVAC equipment, electrical transformer noise, generators, or busy warehouses, such sound levels can be dangerous to human health and wellness.

What Does An Acoustic Enclosure Do?

Acoustic Enclosures In Coimbatore

reduces these problems and helps local governments adhere to strict federal noise ordinances. These structures reduce noise by offering outdoor soundproofing. Acoustic panels or enclosures get rid of offensive noise by dampening it. Sound waves above 85 decibels are harmful to individuals living near highways and can lead to headaches, increased allergy symptoms, insomnia, and other health concerns.

Decibel Levels of Typical Construction Equipment
  • Logging equipment like chainsaws – 110 decibels
  • Hammer drills – 115 decibels
  • Construction tools like jackhammers – 100 decibels
  • Chop saws – 105 decibels
  • Industrial acoustic panels reduce vibration effects
Applications for Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic enclosures are present in a variety of facilities across a broad range of industries, applying noise reduction or elimination solutions to common noise pollution issues. Some examples include:

Outdoor Generator Enclosures :
Outdoor generator enclosures reduce damaging frequencies from continuous engine noise. OSHA currently allows 90dB over a period of eight hours and only two hours of exposure to 100dB.
Transformer Enclosures :
Transformer enclosures minimize the continuous humming and high-frequency noises commonly associated with this equipment.
Benefits of Noise Reduction in Construction Equipment
  • Greater concentration and better communication.
  • Lower rates of error and injury.
  • Reduced worker stress.
Difference Between Acoustic Reflectors and Sound Absorbing Materials
The acoustic reflector material in these cases bounces sound in the opposite direction. With traditional sound walls, the government and civil engineers would use cement and brick to create a wall between the offensive machinery and residential or work areas.

Conversely, sound-absorbing fiberglass wall panels reduce the level of noise by dampening the sound and making the waves less effective or loud. This technology safely dissipates the energy to kill the sound.

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